Why chain link fence is so popular

Harry Feng

Harry Feng

Product Manager and Engineer

Chain link fencing is everywhere around us. You may not notice this until hearing this word. So what’s the most popular fence? And why?

Let’s look at it with data and facts. From the google trends, we can easily find the search volume with data comparity. With no doubt, chain link fence is the NO. So why people love it, and what advantage it have?

Let’s look it from the basic elements.

What is chain link fence


1. material

As the most popular fence, it has multiple material choices. And among the multiple choices, Q195 low carbon steel rod is the most popular choice. It has two points here.

Firstly, it has excellent tensile strength. It’s about 300-600N. As we all know, fencing is to protect us from damaing or some bad events. In this case, This material is a good choice. Stong enough to function as a fencing.

Secondly, it’s the most economic option. Compared to the STS and high carbon steel, this option should be the most moderate choice. The material is affordable for the most people with chaink link fence demand.

2. Woven type

The chain link fence is in a diamond shape. It is made by special machines. With different molds, the opening size is also adjustable. The most popular one is 75mm*75mm. Biger size, cheap price. But in the same time, security will be lost with too big size. It will be quite easy to be damaged.


3.surface treatment

As to the surface treatment, two main options for you. First is the hot dipped galvanized after welded. The second is PVC coating. Next i will show you the difference.

Firstly, hot dipped glavanzied after welded should be the most common choice for chain link fence. With zinc coating to around 300g square meter, it has a excellent performance in rust- resistance. It has a longer service life for over ten years. So if you will use it in your own farm. My friend, choose this one. It’s should be the right choice. Be good to yourself.

Secondly, PVC coating. With this, the fence will be in a good appearence. Always applied in the park or some other public sites. But it is poor in rust resistance compared with the galvanied one. But it’s more economice.

Besides, other choice for you. Galvanized and then pvc coated. In this case, it looks good. Meantime, it’s good at anti-rust.

4. Size

The size of the chain link fence is customazied. You can decide the size accoriding to your needs. The height is 1.8m-2.1m and the width is around 2m.

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