China Electricity Restriction Policy

Dear customers,

Sorry to inform you that recent power restriction policies may affect the order in progress or new order .Please arrange your plans accordingly.

What it is 

Since the beginning of this month, Jiangsu province has conducted strict “double energy consumption control” policy, then the power is limited. Then this policy quickly spread to Yunnan, Guangxi, Zhejiang and other places in China. According to incomplete statistics, 16 provinces across the country have introduced unequal measures to limit electricity. Take Ningxia for example, local government directly forced high-energy consuming enterprises to stop production for a month. Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces, two major manufacturing provinces, have also forced a lot of manufacturing enterprises to reduce production capacity. And From the current list of enterprises, we can see a variety of enterprises involved in all walks of life.

In the following days, Anping county, our factory location, will also be affected by this policy, so please arrange your order according to this situation.  

Why this happens and results

  • Carbon emissions reduction. This will help China to meet the international commission on this point.
  • Environmental protection. The highly polluting chemical industry is majorly involved. In this case, this will helps to reduce environmental pollution and protect our green mountains and waters
  • Promote the development of the new energy industry.

Raw material price is skyrocketing

Affected by this policy, the steel tube and the steel wire rod, the main raw material of fencing and wire mesh product, is crazily rising. So if you have an urgent order, then prompt action will help you save money.

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