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GI wire is a kind of binding wire or tie wire which is widely used in construction. ASX Metals is a building materials manufacturer and wholesaler based in China and has a branch office and warehouse in Manila, the Philippines. Door-to-door service is provided for your convenience.

The GI Wire has mainly two types: Hot-dipped galvanized wire and electro-galvanized wire. They are different in zinc content. And it leads to the final different service life. The thicker the zinc surface layer, the longer the life span. In the Philippines, they are mainly used for:

  • Tie wire. The GI wire is widely used in the constructions area for binding wire or tie wire. The popular size is electro galvanized wire of BWG 22, BWG 18 or BWG 16.
  • Fencing. GI wire is also always used as the raw material to build fencing for farms, residential places together with other materials like posts.
  • Farming. The GI wire is also used in the farms to contain livestock and other animals.
  • Decoration. The thin Gi wire is also always used as the material to make handicrafts. It looks silver and has a good ornamental value.
  • Construction. The Gi wire is always used in construction work as the binding wire to connect different steel parts.
  • Raw materials. It is also always applied as the raw material for fencing and other wire mesh products. The machines will weave the wires in different ways to produce different products.


Galvanized Iron Wire
MaterialQ195 Low carbon steel
Surface treatmentHot dipped galvanized(40-240 gsm), electro galvanized wire(8 – 12 gsm)
Wire diameter0.1-5.5mm
PackagePlastic inside and woven bag outside, Plastic inside and hessian outside
Weight0.5-25 KGS Per Coil. Popular choice: 25 KGS


  • High tensile strength. The Gi wire is made from Q195 low carbon steel. The tensile strength is around 350-600 Mpa.
  • Anti-rust. With the zinc surface layer, the wire has a quite good performance in anti-rust. It can resist the chemical corrosion.
  • Durability. With enough hardness and good performance in anti-rust, it can maintain their durability for a quite long time.
  • Cost-effective. Gi wire is quite affordable as a building materials. The market has been quite transparent and competitive.

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