Anti-Climb Fence

Price Range: $12.00 – $ 56

The anti-climb fence is a kind of fabricated high security welded wire steel horizontal fence that has a thick wire with mini mesh to prevent climbing, cutting, and destruction. The major difference of anti-climb fences is anti-scale and anti-cut welded wire mesh panels. The mini mesh makes it quite hard to get a foothold for illegal climbing. Besides, with the small space for the cutting work, it is cut-resistant.

The anti-climb fence is a kind of fabricated high-security mesh wire steel fence that has a strong wire with mini mesh to stop climbing, cutting. Its major difference is its super excellent anti-scale and anti-cut performance. The mini mesh makes it quite hard to get a foothold for illegal climbing. Besides, with the small space for the cutting work, it is good at cut-resistant. Compared with other security fences, like chain link fence or double wire fences, it has a higher level of security. Thus, it has been a popular choice of architectural and residential fence option in many areas.

Welded heavy-duty steel fence

The anti-climb welded wire fence is the most popular security product used to protect residential areas. The main characteristic of no climb fence is the anti-scale and anti-cut welded wire mesh fence construction. The mini mesh makes it hard to find a foothold point. And its wire diameter is around 5mm, thick enough for the anti-cut performance.

Clear view fence for residential areas

Besides, the anti-climb fence has a clear view mesh opening. It has an excellent performance in visibility through the V-Bends. In this case, it’s also called see-through fence. With this advantage, it is also used as the residential security fence.

High-security steel fence

If you want to build a high-security defense system for your properties, then the high-security steel fence should be put in the first place. The heavy-duty metal fence will serve as a visual deterrent that gives a high level of protection compared with the traditional anti-climb chain link fence or other architectural mesh or residential fencing options. An anti-climb fence is the best option for high-security demands.
 Anti climbing fence black
anti climb fence black
Anti-climb Fence
Anti-climb Fence

Specification for Popular 358 Anti-Climb Fence

358 fence is always the most popular option for the anti-climb fence. Its details are as below:
Welded Wire panels : 3”*0.5” * 8 gauge
Wire diameter: BWG 8
Height: 6’, 8’ or per your requirements
Fence wire surface treatment: powder coating(black or green)

Other Anti-climb security items

If you want to make the anti-climb fencing system more secure, you can add some other extra security items: barbed wire, razor wire, and anti-climb spikes. They will build a strong protection wall for your home and properties.

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