Double Wire Fence/Twin Fece

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Double wire fence, also called twin wire fence, is one kind of anti-climb fencing. Different from the common welded wire fence with one horizontal wire and vertical wire, it has two horizon wires and one vertical wire. This makes the mesh panel quite strong and sturdy a lot and hard to be cut off. At the same time, this special design on structure makes it more stable than the common mesh panel. Therefore, it will also enjoy a longer service life. This fencing is quite popular in European and Australian markets.

Double wire fence & Twin Wire Mesh Fence


The Double Wire Fence/Mesh, also called Twin Wire Mesh Fence, is one kind of anti-climb and anti-cut security welded wire fencing. Different from the common welded wire fencing, it has two horizon wires and one vertical wire. This makes the mesh panel quite strong and sturdy a lot and hard to be cut off. At the same time, this special design on structure makes it more stable than the common mesh panel. Therefore, it will also enjoy a longer service life. This fencing is quite popular in European and Australian markets.

But have to mention, with more complicated structure, its cost is higher a lot than the common fences.

Two main popular sizes: 868 / 656 double wire fencing


There are mainly two sizes of double wire fencing in the global market: 868 double wire fencing and 656 double wire fencing. Their basic structure is the same. The main difference is the wire diameter.

868 double wire fencing is made from 2 pieces 8mm horizontal wire and one-piece 6mm vertical middle wire. Like the other fencing, they will be connected through the welding technique. 868 fencing is the most popular choice of double wire fence. It is widely used in schools, factories, and banks. These places all have a high standard for security.

656 double wire fencing is made from 2 PC 6mm horizontal wires and 1 PC 5mm middle wire. Although its wire is not as thick as the 868 fencings. But its security effect is also better a lot than the usually welded fencing. Besides, its cost will also be lower with the fewer raw material required.

Welded Wire Mesh panels


The mesh panels are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel wires. And in most cases, it will also have a PVC coating to make it looks better. Besides, the nature of anti-rust will also be better. In this case, the service life will also be longer, around 10-20 years. The zinc content will be around 40-60 gsm. The PVC thickness will be around 1 mm.

The body size can be customized according to your needs. The popular one is 6ft welded wire fencing panels. The standard mesh opening is 200*50mm. The square mesh opening is also a popular choice.

Its color also can be customized. Green and black are two major choices for the welded wire fencing panels.


Fence Posts

There are a few choices for the fence posts: 60*60*2mm, 80*80*2mm, 100*100mm. The thickness is around 1.5-3mm. All these specifications can be adjusted to your needs.

Regarding the foundation of the post, there are two main choices: Pre-buried and Anchor plates. If pre-buried, the posts need to be 40-60 cm longer than the mesh panels. And if with anchor plates, extra plates will be welded on the end of the posts. 20*20*8mm is the most common choice according to our full experience. The cost of these two types is similar. And our customer will choose them according to the exact situation.



Product Name Double wire fence
Popular size 868/656 double wire fence
Mesh opening 50*200 mm
Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized and then PVC  coating
Body size 1.8*2.4 m or per your requirements
Wire diameter 8/6/8 or 6/5/6
Posts 60*60*2mm or 80*80*1.5mm
Anchor pallets 20*20*8mm or 30*30*10mm
All the sizes can be customized per your requirements

Finish Standards


The Double Wire Mesh Fence/ Twin Wire Mesh will be produced to BS4102 and the galvanizing surface treatment will be made due to BS EN 10244-2:2001 class D standard.

Posts will be made in strict with the standard of BS EN 10210-2:1997 and galvanized to BS EN 10346:2009.

Powder coating will be handled due to BS EN 13438:2005. Besides, for all our products, we will use the world-famous powder Akzo Nobel. The fence surface will be smooth, bright and most importantly, will have a great performance in anti-rust. The guaranteed year will be around 10-20 years.


Loading and Packaging


The double wire mesh fence panels/Twin-wire Mesh will be packed in pallets and the steel posts will be loaded in bulk.

1) it has a soft sponge at the bottom of the pallet to avoid unexpected damage during the shipment process.

2) it has 4 protection corners to make the pallets stronger.

3)The whole fence pallet will be wrapped with plastic film for dust prevention. In this case, once the customer gets our fence, it will look good and attractive to promote potential sales.

double wire fence loading

Installation of double wire fence(Twin wire mesh)



The post has two types: the one with a base plate and the one for pre- buried. With different techniques and shapes, they also have different ways of installation.

The one with a base plate

Regarding this type, there are four holes in the plate for the Expansion bolts or anchoring. It is always used in the cement ground with ready civil engineering work. The screws will be used to fix the posts firmly to the cement ground. The common screws used are M8*12mm. And of course, customers can choose the one they need according to their actual situations.

The base plate is always a 150*150mm square sheet with 8mm thickness. Same as the anchors, it can also be customized according to the customer’s need. It can be larger or thicker accordingly. As to the finish, it’s hot-dipped galvanized or Pvc powder coating.

double wire fence and twin wire mesh base plate

Pre – buried type post

Compared with the base plate type, it is around 40-60 cm long. The extra part will be stuck into the ground. And it is commonly used in the oil ground but not the cement one. And with this one, you need to dig the holes in advance, around 40-60 cm deep. This is more easily and quickly than the one with civil engineering. But it may be not as firm as the one with base plate.

To reinforce it, you can make some cement to fix it. And at last, put the caps on the top of the fence to prevent the rainy waters.

But have to mention, with this type, its volume will be larger and will take more freight.

You can check the video here to know more details

double wire fence and twin wire mesh pre buried

How to connect the double wire fence(twin wire mesh) panels with posts


After finishing the posts assembly, we need to attach the fence panels to the posts. For this work, the special-fabricated connections will work a lot. In most cases, for the posts over 1.8 meters, 3 connectors will be used. And it can be plastic or metal type. With its special structure, it will help the workers connect the fence panels and posts easily and quickly. Screws will be applied if needed like the photos below:

double wire fence and twin wire mesh clips

Application of double wire fence and twin wire mesh


The double wire mesh (twin wire mesh) has the most level of security effects among all the fencing series. Because every panel has a three-layer mesh made of very thick wires(6mm/8mm). This feature makes it quite heavy-duty compared with the other types and almost impossible to be cut off. This advantage makes it extremely popular in the areas that need strict protection. This kind of wire mesh panels is always used in residential areas.

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