Gabion Mattress

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The Gabion mattress is a type of wire basket placed in rivers, lakes, and oceans to slow down or redirect the flow of water. And can also be found in gardens, landscape architecture, and civil engineering.  They have numerous applications but are most commonly used in flood control. They are used to redirect the natural flow of water in rivers, they protect the river banks from erosion and help increase water inflow into irrigation channels.

What is a gabion mattress?

The Gabion mattress is a type of wire basket placed in rivers, lakes, and oceans to slow down or redirect the flow of water. And can also be found in gardens, landscape architecture, and civil engineering.  They have numerous applications but are most commonly used in flood control. They are used to redirect the natural flow of water in rivers, they protect the river banks from erosion and help increase water inflow into irrigation channels.

They are also used to retain soil and other materials, such as sand or aggregate, in a variety of different environments, such as in-stream bank protection, slope stabilization, and beach protection.

Again, as with all things related to water, it is important to remember that gabion mattresses need to be properly maintained. Failure to do so can cause them to collapse, which can lead to damage being done to the environment around them.

The gabion baskets are mainly made of hot-rolled steel wire mesh, cold-rolled steel wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, plastic mesh, etc. Gabion mesh cage is made of various types of wire mesh, steel wire mesh is the most widely used.

Remember that they can be found in many different places, and they come in all shapes and sizes!

A gabion reno mattress uses a series of gabions to make a mattress. Gabion baskets are a woven wire mesh structure that is used to make a variety of items, including mattresses. They are commonly used in modular construction, as they provide a convenient way to store, transport, and use the material. The gabion mattress acts as a tension structure and supports the sleeping surface. Reinforcing material, such as steel wire, is often used to make the structure more stable, which helps reduce the deformations caused by the tension. The frames of the reno mattress are usually made from metal. As the frame is usually quite thin, the mattress can be folded and stored between uses. The mattresses are often encased in canvas material for comfort and to prevent the metal from touching the user’s body.

gabion reno mattresses

Standard sizes:

Unit Size Weight – Galvanized Weight – PVC Capacity
9′ x 6′ x 6″ 36 lbs. 45 lbs. 1 cu yd.
12′ x 6′ x 6″ 48 lbs. 58 lbs. 1.33 cu yds.
9′ x 6′ x 9″ 41 lbs. 49 lbs. 1.5 cu yds.
12′ x 6′ x 9″ 53 lbs. 63 lbs. 2 cu yds.
9′ x 6′ x 12″ 51 lbs. 56 lbs. 2.67 cu yds.
12′ x 6′ x 12″ 56 lbs. 59 lbs. 2.67 cu yds.


What is the difference between a standard gabion basket and a gabion mattress?

The difference between standard gabion and reno gabion mattress is that mattress is a type of bedding and gabion is a type of structure for stabilizing or controlling water. Gabion and mattress sound similar and have many of the same letters, but their meanings are different.

The Gabion box is made up of steel or rock stone granules, which have been poured into a container and are stabilized with solid concrete or mixed concrete. The mattress is made up of the same materials as the gabion basket but emptied of the container to allow for soil or plants to be planted inside.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gabions mattress?

Gabions come with many benefits, such as being able to last for many years with low maintenance requirements. At the same time, they are made with recycled materials, which allow them to be cheaper. They can also be used in any environment and are easy to transport.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using gabions mattress in building construction.


The advantages of using gabions mattress include: they are more aesthetically pleasing than rebar and can be used in more creative ways during the building process. Gabions mattress is also easy to transport and they can be used to reinforce slopes on hillsides with steep inclines.


Their main disadvantage is that they are not as strong as steel rebar. These include being able to be easily damaged, being heavy to transport, and being difficult to assemble. Compared to traditional mattress, they also take longer to clean.

In some cases, gabions mattress is used as a substitute for steel rebar in reinforced concrete. However, gabions mattress does not provide the same level of structural strength as steel rebar. Gabions mattress tends to be more expensive than steel rebar and requires more time to be installed.

Materials of gabion mattress and specification:

Following of the materials used in gabion mattress:

  1. Galvanized gabion baskets: Diameter: 0.08mm-0.1mm; length: 1.2m-3.6m
  2. PVC coating gabion baskets : Diameter: 0.08mm-0.1mm; length: 1.2m-3.6m
  3. zinc-aluminum gabion box(gulfan gabion box): Diameter: 0.08mm-0.1mm; length: 1.2m-3.6m
  4. Galvanized steel wire tube: diameter: 10mm-200mm; length: 5m-200m (or according to the requirement of clients)
  5. Steel wire rod: 0.3mm-3.0mm; length: 2m-6m (or according to the requirement of clients)
  6. Galvanized steel wire mesh: width: 1m-8m; height: 0.5m-2m; length: 10m-1000m (or according to the requirement of clients)

Types of gabion mattress:

Wire or wood gabion mattress are the most common types of gabion mattress. The wire type is made of galvanized wire that comes in different gauges and are cheap as compared to wooden gabion mattress. The wooden gabion mattress are built from round wooden poles that are tied together with wires. Both steel and wooden gabion mattress come in many varieties.

There is garden gabion mattress that are made from thinner gauge wires and are used in gardens, food gardens and flower beds.

Industrial gabion mattresses are made from heavier gauge wires and are used for retaining walls in construction projects.

Building gabion mattress are the strongest and are used for building retaining walls in your home. These gabion mattress are roomy and can fit many rocks around the wireframes.

Features of gabion mattress:

Gabion mattress is the newest type of green and healthy mattress designed by GABION R&D.

It is not rigid, but very flexible and solid. It can be bent, twisted, folded, or beaded without any deformation.

The mattress has high corrosion and rust resistance, which is a unique and special characteristic.

Moreover, it has acid and alkali resistance and protection, which can for a long time protect the mattress from being invaded by bacteria and mildew and provide you a lifetime health and comfortable service.

The gabion mattress is blended with the environment, and it is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is environmentally friendly and healthy.

Its material is non-toxic, odorless, and harmless to the human body.

Can gabions be used as retaining walls?

Gabions are commonly used to build retaining walls. But there are a few important things to note. To build retaining walls, gabions need to be supported by a foundation that provides stability as well as a solid base from which the gabions can be sloped. Otherwise, the wall can collapse. Soil needs to be added to the gabions between the courses to provide stability and prevent erosion. For retaining walls made of gabions, they are usually used to create support while the soil is added, before the top course is added to create the actual wall.

Gabions are also often used to hold back water instead of building retaining walls. So, they aren’t typically used on their own as retaining walls; they are often used with other materials to build walls or dams.

What do gabions cost?

The cost of a gabion will depend on the size, and how much stuffing, or filling, is required. On average, however, gabions cost around $30-$50, and they can be purchased at garden and hardware stores. We recommend checking out our online store (Store Name) and browsing the available gabions.

Reasons why you should build a gabion:

Gabions (or gabions) are a useful way to block off your home from flooding, especially if your home is near or in a river or the ocean. They’re cheap and easy to build, provide a nice place to sit and relax, and can even be a place to enjoy a nice meal. Gabions can also be festive. By placing Christmas lights in the gabions, you can create a beautiful display for everyone in your town or city to enjoy.

What can you fill gabions with?

Gabions are a fantastic way to create a reno project that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and functional. Gabions are easy to fill with any type of debris, but they can be filled with more than just debris. You can fill them with rocks, sand, mattresses, and even concrete!

Once filled, they form a strong barrier that won’t block air or sunlight. Gabions are a great way to protect waterways or keep dirt out of sensitive areas like fields. They’re also ideal for creating an instant privacy fence or keeping out large animals like deer. You can also use them to stabilize a slope or prevent erosion.


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