Gabion Reno Mattresses

Price Range: $10.00 – $ 56

The gabion mattresses, also known as the Reno mattresses are a kind of popular gabion product. And it’s mainly used for riverbank protection, sea walls, anti-soil erosion, bridge reinforcement, and so on. It’s made from low carbon steel wire through woven techniques.



The gabion mattresses, also known as the Reno mattresses are a kind of popular gabion product. And it’s mainly used for riverbank protection, sea walls, anti-soil erosion, bridge reinforcement, and so on. It’s made from low-carbon steel wire through woven techniques. And its opening shape is hexagonal and double twisted. Its surface treatment is hot dipped galvanized and then PVC coated. This makes it have high rust resistance and long service life. Its main difference from the common gabion box is its height. It’s always lower, around 0.3-0.5 meters. This is designed to fit the underwater environment.

The Reno mattress is quite popular around the world. The main reason is its low cost and easy installation. Compared with the cement bank, its cost will be quite affordable and easy to implement. You just need to fill the rock and then put them in the bank areas. The labor cost will be quite low.  And this will make sense a lot especially when it’s an urgent construction project.

We are a gabion box manufacturer and exporter based in China. We have our factory and global logistic shipment system. In this case, we can make any size you required at a quite competitive price and fast delivery time. What’s more, the lead time will be controlled according to the project plan.



  • Raw Material: Galvanized wire, PVC coated wire
  • Mesh wire diameter: 2mm- 4mm
  • Edge wire diameter: 2.5 mm-5mm
  • Binding wire: 2.2mm
  • Length: 1m-6 metes or per your requirements
  • Width: 1-6 meters or per your requirements
  • Height: 0.5 meters
  • Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized and then PVC coated
  • Tensile strength: 350-600 Mpa
  • Hole size: 60 × 80mm, 80 × 100mm, 80 × 120mm, 120 × 150mm



Economical cost

Woven techniques and a few raw materials need all make it quite a reasonable and affordable product. Besides, these days, there are too many suppliers in Anping county to make it a mature market. The price is all quite competitive.

Easy installation

Same as the gabion box, you can check the installation manuals and video to check more details. As it’s quite easy and fast to install, so it doesn’t require skilled and experienced laborers to make it. This will save the cost to hire workers.

Great Anti-rust Performance

As its surface treatment is hot-dipped-galvanized(240gsm) and PVC coating, it has a great performance in anti-rust and anti-water. This will make sense a lot when used in the riverbank or slope protection. With this feature, its service life will be quite long.




Riverbank protection

This is the most popular function for this product. It will be put under the water and over the riverbed to protect the soil from erosion by slowing down the torrents.


Reno mattress will also be used as the ground foundation in construction. This is quite common in places with quite rainy days.

Slopes and mountains

In mountain slopes, it will also be used to protect the rocks from falling or the soil from erosion. This will be quite a reasonable way compared with the other solutions. Because you can get the stones required everywhere in the mountains.

gabion mattresses


Delivered Conditions

The goods will be bundled together and put on the pallet.

gabion reno mattress deliverd conditions

Factory Price

Shengxiang is a fence and wire mesh products manufacturer since 1998. You can get direct competitive factory price from us. We always try our best to lower the cost to help our customers to win the market.

Global Shipment

We are mainly for exporting business and have established our cost-effective shipment system int the past over 10 years. Our goods can be delivered to every corner of the world effectively and economically.

Regular Inventory

For the most popular goods, we will manufacture them in mass quantity and always keep them in stock. This will ensure that the goods can be ready quickly once required.

Quality Control

The quality is always as important as the price rate. In our factory, we have a professional QC team to help our customers meet their high quality standards. Kinds of quality certificates can also be provided for your reference, like ISO 9001, CE, TUV and etc.

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