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Woven gabion box (gabion baskets, gabion fence, gabion mattress, gabion mesh, stone basket)is made from low carbon steel wire through the woven techniques. It is always used in water construction with rocks, stones, gravels, or concrete-filled inside for anti-erosion, bank protection.



Hexagonal Gabion wire (hexagonal gabion baskets, gabion fence, gabion mattress, gabion mesh, stone basket)is made from low carbon steel wire through woven techniques. It is always used in water construction with rocks, stones, gravels, or concrete-filled inside for anti-erosion, bank protection.

Its opening shape is a hexagonal mesh made from galvanized steel wires. If with a length over 2 meters, the spacers will be used in the middle for the box reinforcement. Besides, the thicker selvage wire will also be used in the edge parts for connection function. What’s more, the extra binding wire will also be provided for the installation work.

Woven gabion boxes get the title compared with welded gabions. Gabions can be made of woven wire mesh elastic twisted, and they may also be made of welded mesh. Triple twist hexagonal mesh rock stuffed gabion baskets are utilized successfully in building work. Woven Gabion Box is sometimes commonly referred to as rock-filled cages.

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Wire diameter/mm
Box size/
Surface Treatment
3, 4, 5
50×50, 50×100, 75×75
30x30x60, 50x50x50, 50x50x100, 50x50x200, 100x100x100, 100x200x200 etc
Hot dipped galvanized;
Electro galvanized ;
PVC coated.
4, 5, 6
50×100, 50×200, 100×100
5, 6, 8
50×200, 100×100
4/4/4 double wire
50×100, 50×200
Length and height according to your requirements, thickness could be 30cm, 50cm, etc
Used for fence
5/4/5 double wire
50×100, 50×200
6/5/6 double wire
25×200, 50×200


Data Sheet For The Popular Size in the Philippines Market


No. Properties Unit Standard Value
1 Mesh wire diameter mm 3.90±0.006
2 Selvage wire diameter mm 4.40±0.07
3 Lacing wire diameter mm 3.20±0.06
4 Opening size mm 80*100mm(+16%,-4%)
5 T/S of Mesh wire (Before weaving) MPa 400-500
6 T/S of Selvedge wire(Before weaving) MPa 400-500
7 T/S of Lacing wire(Before weaving) MPa 400-500
8 Elongation of mesh wire(Before weaving) % ≥12
9 Elongation of Selvedge wire(Before weaving) % ≥12
10 Elongation of lacing wire(Before weaving) % ≥12
11 Elongation of mesh wire(After weaving) % ≥7
12 Elongation of Selvedge wire(After weaving) % ≥7
13 Zinc coating of mesh wire g/㎡ ≥60
14 Zinc coating of selvage wire g/㎡ ≥60
15 Zinc coating of lacing wire g/㎡ ≥60

PVC Coating Performance

16 Specific gravity 1.30-1.35 (ASTMD792-08)
17 Hardness 50-60 Shore D(ASTMD2240-05)
18 Tensile strength Min 21 MPA(ASTMD412-06a)
19 Modulus of elasticity Min 18.6 Mpa(ASTMD412-06a)
20 Abrasion assistance Min 12% (ASTMD1242-95)
21 Weight loss 3% after 24 hours at 105 °C(ASTMD2287-12)
22 Residual ashes Min 2% ( ASTMD2124-99)

The accelerated aging tests are:

The properties after aging tests are:

  • Specific gravity: Variation Max 6%;
  • Hardness: Variation Max 10%;
  • Tensile strength: Variation Max 25%;
  • Elasticity: Variation Max 25%;
  • Abrasion resistance: Variation Max 10%;




Galvanized coating is good at anti-rusting

High tensile strength and break load

Perfect flexibility to meet different needs

Economical cost and fast delivery compared with the other common water engineering works/

Fast and easy installation


Delivered Conditions To Philippines Market


gabion 4



Installation Manuals


1. Take the delivered gabion out and lacing wire

installation 1 step    

2. Put the gabion in the right direction shown below

installation 2 step


3. Connect the border sides with the binding wires

installation 3 step

4. Fill the rocks, stones, or gravels ready in advance.

installation 4 step

5. After filling finished, make the left top panels with binding wires

installation 5 step

6. Build up your final construction with the finished woven gabion box.

installation 6 step

Installation videos 


Application in the Philippines


  • Bank protection
  • Anti-water erosion in the mountain
  • Stonewall building
  • Dam reinforcement
  • Other water construction

roadway protection sea water area engineering slope protection stone wall

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