Razor Wire

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Razor wire is a kind of common security items which is popular around the world. It is also called concertina wire or barbed tape due to its shape. It consists of sharp blades and inner metal wires. It’s widely used in the factory, prison, bank, mineral areas, border or other places to stop the illegal penetration for security and protection.



Razor wire is a kind of common security items which is popular around the world. It is also called concertina wire or barbed tape due to its shape. It consists of sharp blades and inner metal wires. It’s widely used in the factory, prison, bank, mineral areas, border or other places to stop the illegal penetration for security and protection.

It has an extremely low cost, and can be deployed and installed in a quite short time. So it becomes one of the favorable security items around the world.



Product nameRazor wire
MaterialQ195 low carbon steel; stainless steel; high carbon steel
Surface treatmentHot dipped galvanized(standard), electro-galvanized, pvc coated
Inner Wire diameter2.5 mm(±0.05mm)
Thickness of sheet0.5mm
Zinc content40-60gsm(sheet); 40-245gsm(inner wire)
Coil diameter300-1250mm; 450mm(standard)
Clips per spiral3-9 pcs
Blade typesBTO-22, CBT-65; BTO-10: BTO-12 or etc.
ColorSilver or green
Service life10-12 years
PackageWoven bag outside and woven bag outside
Chemical compositionC: 0.45-1%; Mn: 0.6-0.7%
UTS160 kg/mm2


The razor wire is classified into many tapes by its razor shape shape: BTO-22, CBT-65, BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-30 and etc, They have different length, width and spacing.


TypeRazor length(mm)Razor width(mm)Razor Distance(mm)


Workshop show


We have our own factory and specialized razor wire workshop. Tens of machines are working all the day for the goods delivered to the whole world. The below is the introduction of our machines and raw materials in our workshop.

Punching machine.

It is used to cut the galvanized iron sheet to different razors. This is realized by kinds of mould.

punching machine razor wire


Main processing machine.

This is used to combine the iron wires and finished galvanized razors together by pressing. This is the major step in the production.

razor wire machine


Pressing machine

After goods finished, this machine will be used to press the razor wire coils to lower their volume. This step is applied for most razor wire types to make the freight cost-effective. But for some types, like the CBT-65, this will damage their structure to some extent and affect their normal function.

razor wire pressing machine

Raw material

There are two kinds of materials needed for this item: steel inner wire and galvanized iron sheet. The iron sheet will be cut to different shapes to meet different needs. And the steel wire will be used as the inner wire to make ti more strong and hard to break.

razor wire galvanized wire raw materialrazor wire 2 raw material sheet

Visit our Youtube channel to find more info of our razor wire workshop.


Packaging & Container Loading


In the most cases, one 20GP container can hold around 25 tons. The 20feet container is always the proper choice.

razor wire package




The razor wire is always installed on the top of the ready fencing to reinforce its security and protection effects. With good special design, It can be installed easily and quickly even for one person only. The following is some helpful tips on it:

  1. Always safety first. Please make sure you wear the safety gloves before the installation.
  2. Clear the installation areas in advance. This will help avoid the unexpected issues and make the installation more stable.
  3. Prepare a layout drawing and confirm the spacing before installation. This will help it move smoothly and in a good order.
  4. The barbed wire and chain link fencing are always used together to form a powerful security wall.
  5. Installation videos for your reference



  • Firstly, as a security items, its sharp blades and high tensile steel inner wire will stop the bad guys and make our properties secure and safe. Anyone who want to cross without permission will be injured. Besides, in the farms, it also can prevent the livestock from running out.
  • Secondly, due to its easy structure and low-cost materials, it has become a quite economical choice for security needs. Good security effects with economical costs make it globally popular and always in a high demand among the global markets.
  • Thirdly, it can installed easily and quickly. This don’t need experienced workers. You can make it on yourself with our manuals.
  • Fourthly, with anti-rust raw materials, the razor wire has a long service life once installed. Usually it can last 10-20 years. It can resit the rainy day and chemical erosion well.
  • Lastly, great flexibility in deployment. With flexible coil wires, you can adjust it to meet your unique needs in the site.

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