Welded Wire Mesh Panels

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Welded wire mesh panels are the welded wire mesh made from high tensile steel wires through welding techniques. Compared with the welded wire mesh rolls, its wire diameter is thicker, MIN 3mm. And it has a better performance in security effects. And it’s widely used in kinds of areas that need security protection.



Welded wire mesh panels are the welded wire mesh made from high tensile steel wires through welding techniques. Compared with the welded wire mesh rolls, its wire diameter is thicker, MIN 3mm. And it has a better performance in security effects. And it’s widely used in kinds of areas that need security protection.


Raw material


The welded mesh panel is made from Q195 or Q235 low carbons steel wires. Its tensile strength is around 350-400Mpa. Its diameter is commonly around 3-6mm. It’s quite hard to be broken. This makes the whole welded panels hard to be broken and good fencing materials.

Stainless steel wire is also a popular material for these panels. Compared with the standard iron wires, it has obvious advantages on anti-rust. It will be chosen by some customers who have strict standards for this point. And it is often applied in island which is quite rainy or sea areas where the air contains too much water. But in the same time, its cost is almost double that of the iron-type panels.


Surface treatment


Regarding the surface treatment, there are mainly three types: hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated, and none surface treatment.

  1. Hot dipped galvanized. This is the standard and most popular among the global markets. The thick galvanized layer makes it rust-resistant. In this way, the panels will enjoy a long service life. Regarding the galvanizing techniques, there are also mainly two separate types: hot dipped galvanized after welding and hot-dipped galvanized before the welding:
    • Hot dipped galvanized after welding. In this case, the whole panels will be put into the zinc pot to finish the galvanizing. After this, the whole panel will be galvanized including the welding spots. In this case, its raw material is black iron wire without any finish. It is treated after welding is finished.
    • Hot dipped galvanized before welding. In this case, the panels are directly made from the galvanized wire and then they will be made into panels through the welding technique. In this case, the welding spots will be exposed to the air. It will be more easily to be rusted than the “hot-dipped galvanized after welding type” mentioned above. And in the same time, it is more economical and cost-effective.
  2. PVC coating. Pvc powder coating is another major way of surface treatment for the welded panels. The welded panels will be PVC coated by powder painting. This will give the whole panel an extra PVC layer and a customized color. There are two good points for this surface treatment way. The first is that it will have a better performance in anti-rust. And secondly is that it will have a customized color to make it look beautiful.
  3. None surface treatment. For some panels, it will accept none surface treatment. It is always called black welding panels in the market. It is always used in construction as base support in which it will be seldom exposed to the air. So it has moderate requirements for the anti-rust. With no cost on the finish, its cost is the lowest one.
HD welded wire mesh panels
HD welded wire mesh panels


pvc welded mesh panels
PVC welded mesh panels
black welded mesh panels
black welded mesh panels

Mesh opening


Regarding the mesh opening of the welding panels, it is always standard square or rectangle. The most popular size is as follows: 50*50, 50*100, 100*100, 50*200. As a factory, we can make any size you need.




Material Q195 Or Q235 Low carbon steel wire
Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated, or None surface treatment
Mesh Opening 50*50mm, 50*100, 50*200 or per your requirements
Wire diameter 3-5mm
Tensile strength 300-500 Mpa
Body size 2*2,2*1.5m or per your requirements.
Tensile strength 300-500 Mpa
OEM OEM Supported


The welded mesh panels will be packed in the pallets.

welded wire mesh panels Pallet Package
welded wire mesh panels Pallet Package



  1. The welding panels are quite good and affordable fencing materials. And it is also a quite convenient choice who have this kind of need. It can be cut to any size you need easily and quickly. And it also can be fixed easily by common binding wires or other materials.
  2. Construction materials. These mesh panels are also always used as building materials in construction areas. It will be applied as the support base for cement civil engineering structures. It will make the original buildings more sturdy and strong.
  3. Gabion walls. It is always used to make gabion walls in the gardens. This will make the wall looks modern and clean. The gabion wall has been an important element in today’s garden design works.
  4. Animal husbandry. In the farms, it will always be used as simple fencing to constrain the animals. It can be made to any size to meet their various needs. At the same time, it’s also quite economical.
  5. In agriculture, it is always used as an easy tool to reserve corns.
  6. Machine guards. The welding panels are also always processed to various shapes to be applied as the fan guards in industrial areas.
welded wire mesh panels as fencing
welded wire mesh panels as fencing
weld gabion box
weld gabion box



  1. The welding panels can be easily manufactured to any size you required to meet your various needs in kinds of areas.
  2. The welded panels are quite affordable due to their mature markets and cheap raw material price.
  3. Shengxiang offers OEM services to help build your brands.
  4. Factory Price. You can get a direct factory price from us. Our offer is competitive enough to help you handle the tough markets.
  5. Large Inventory. Shengxiang can offer the popular welded mesh panels in a short period of time due to the large inventories. This makes sense when you have quite urgent projects.

Factory Price

Shengxiang is a fence and wire mesh products manufacturer since 1998. You can get direct competitive factory price from us. We always try our best to lower the cost to help our customers to win the market.

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We are mainly for exporting business and have established our cost-effective shipment system int the past over 10 years. Our goods can be delivered to every corner of the world effectively and economically.

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For the most popular goods, we will manufacture them in mass quantity and always keep them in stock. This will ensure that the goods can be ready quickly once required.

Quality Control

The quality is always as important as the price rate. In our factory, we have a professional QC team to help our customers meet their high quality standards. Kinds of quality certificates can also be provided for your reference, like ISO 9001, CE, TUV and etc.

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