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In this post, i will introduce you the most popular chain link fence type: PVC coated green chain link fence. This type with pvc vinyl finish is globally popular due to its great advantages. There are mainly three points: good appearance, long service life and economical costs.

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Good appearance

With PVC coating, its color can be customized to fit your buildings. Among hundreds of colors choice, green and black is the most popular one. They looks great with the surrounding green trees and flowers. Besides, with diamond mesh opening, it will looks quite modern and beautiful.

Long service life

With PVC coating and hot dipped galvanizing treatment, the wire has an outstanding performance in anti-rust and anti-water. Usually the thickness of pvc layer is around 1mm. For example, if the diameter of the wire before the pvc coating is 3mm, then after pvc it will be around 4mm. And with our high standard pvc raw material, its service life will be more than 8 years. So in this case, though extra pvc coating will be a little expensive when purchasing. But in the long term, taking the maintenance into account, the whole cost is lower. So this is always taken by most of customers.

Economical costs

Compared with other fencing system, its budget required is quite moderate. The main reason is its simple technique, the woven wire mesh. It make it need less raw material compared with the welding fencing. Besides, it also has a high efficiency. It means within the same period of time, the machine can produce more chain link mesh. These reasons make it quite affordable for most customers.


Product namePVC coating vinyl chain link fencing system
MaterialQ195 low carbon steel
ColorGreen, black or per your requirements
Length10-50 m or per your requirements
Wire diameter2.2-4.5 mm
PVC thickness1mm
Hole opening2”, 3”,4” or per your requirements
AccessoriesPosts, tension bar, tension wire, post cap,bolts or anchors, single arm


The installation of the chain link fencing is also quite easy. This is also one of the main reasons of its huge popularity.

Please find the installation manuals in our another page.

Packaging and Shipment

After production finished, the chain link mesh will be packed in rolls. And then it will be wrapped with plastic films and woven bags in the two ends for protection.

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