Razor Wire VS Barbed Wire

Razor wire and barbed wire are two kinds of popular security items around the whole world. They are quite common in hardware stores. People will always purchase them to protect their farm, factory or their home.

These two items has their own unique characters in pricing, security effects, production techniques, service life and etc. So as a customer, how can we choose the right product? This article will help you make the right decision according to your needs.


What is razor wire

Razor wire is a kind of security item made from high tensile steel wire. In some areas, it’s also called concertina wire due to its coil shape after unfolding. It has types of sharp blades around for security performance. This makes it quite common in places that have high-level security demands, such as military bases, factories, oil plants, banks, or residential places. The sharp blades make the illegal crossing almost impossible.

concertina wire
military concertina wire

What is barbed wire

Barbed wire is another popular security item with pointed barbs at regular intervals. In common cases, it has four barbs around the core wires. And it’s always packed in coils shape with a wooden handle. The wires is always around 1.8-2.8mm thickness with zinc layer(45-245 gsm). It is widely used for the simple protection, such as the farms or privacy grasslands.

barbed wire

2. Techniques Comparision

 Razor WireBarbed Wire
MaterialLow carbon steel
Low carbon steel
ThicknessSteel Plates: 0.5mm
Inner wire: 2.5mm
Surface treatmentHot dipped galvanized
PVC Coating
Hot dipped galvanized
Electro Galvanized
PVC Coating
Tensile strength350-600 Mpa350-600 Mpa(Low carbon steel)
1300-1800 Mpa(High carbon steel)
Weight 5-12 KGS Per Coil20 KGS Per Coil
PackagePlastic inside and woven bag outsidePlastic inside and woven bag outside
Service life40-60 Years30-50 Years
Length Per 100 KGS80-120 Meters800-1000 Meters

3. Cost Evaluation

Due to the raw material and techniques, the cost of razor wire is higher than the barbed wire. For example, with the current raw material price(USD 889.59 EACH TON) and exchange rate(USD:CNY : 1: 6.34) dated 14th Mar, the most popular type(BTO-22)is USD 980 EACH TON. And the barbed wire is USD 920 Each Ton. Have to mention, the quote will fluctuates based on the raw material and exchange currency. Please email us to get the latest quote.( info@shengxiangwiremesh.com) 

4.Security Effects

Due to their different design and production techniques, their security effects varies a lot. The razor wire or concertina wire is always used in the places in which the high security is required. And the barbed wire is only for the simple protection and enclosure in places like farms. And have to mention, if you need the extreme security performance, these two items can be used together to build “the great wall” for your property. You can check our another blog for more information.

military concertina wire 6

5.Surface treatment

Regarding the finish, they are also different. For the razor wire, it mainly has two choices: hot dipped galvanizing and PVC coating. And for the barbed wire, it mainly has three kinds: electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized and PVC coating.

The main difference between three treatment is the final anti-rust performance: Electro galvanizingHot dipped galvanizingPVC coating. And the cost is converse accordingly.

6.Raw material

There are two main raw material choice for razor wire: low carbon steel and stainless steel, and three kinds for barbed wire: low carbon steel, high carbon steel and STS. They have different performance in physical techniques. The high carbon steel has the highest tensile strength. And the STS has the best performance in anti-rust. You can make your choice according to your local environments and specific project requirements.

razor wire machine
razor wire galvanized wire raw material

7.Service life

As to the service life, under the standard environments, the barbed wire is around 30-50 years. And the razor wire can reach 40-60 years.

8. Applications

The razor wire is always used in the factory, banks, oil pant military bases, or other places where the high level of security is required.

military concertina wire 5
razor wire

The barbed wire is used for the basic security needs or simple enclosure such as farms and grasslands.

barbed wire fence
barbed wire

9. Features

Razor wire

  • High security effects due to its unique designs with sharp blades.
  • Long service life(40-60 years)
  • Great performance in anti-rust
  • High tensile strength to resit the serious attach.
  • Easy installation. It can be fast deployed if any urgent cases, like for the military defense.
  • High quality raw material with outstanding physical performance.
  • Multiple types for your choice to match your architectural styles: BTO-22, BTO-20, CBT-65 and etc.

Barbed wires

  • Sharp wire edges around the core wire.
  • Double twisted for the high tensile strength.
  • Easy installation, experienced workers not required
  • Long service life with good performance in anti-rust
  • Easy for maintenance.
  • Silver appearance.

10. Installation

Regarding the installation, both is easy and don’t require experienced workers or professional technicians. The difference is , the razor wire is usually applied as a single and dependent security item. And the bared wire is always used as a kind of accessory to work together with other hardware to build the security wall.

The above is the ten major difference between razor wire and barbed wire. And you can make your choice according to your exact needs. If any further info or quote required, please contact us.(info@shengxiangwiremesh.com)

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