What is Crimped wire mesh?

Crimped wire mesh is a type of wire mesh. In the wire mesh, the mesh has the characteristics of high strength, high elasticity, good tenacity and low cost.

Crimped wire mesh is made of high-quality galvanized steel wire (flat wire, round wire and square wire) according to certain standards to make a mesh, then crimped mesh by crimping machine.

Crimped wire mesh is a type of woven wire mesh that is restricted by the use of high pressure. Rather than the use of a regular wire drawing machine.

Crimped wire mesh is often used for fencing. Because it is relatively easy to establish, and inexpensive to produce. Crimped wire mesh is also more flexible and stronger than regular wire mesh.

Crimped wire mesh comes in different forms. Including hexagonal wire mesh, diamond wire mesh, and square wire mesh and so on. Before you buy crimped wire mesh, make sure to get the qualification certificate.

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Lifespan of crimped wire mesh

Crimped wire mesh usually has a lifespan of five to ten years. This is due to both UV exposure, as well as stress on the mesh.

UV exposure can be combated by painting the mesh. While stress on the mesh is a product of a variety of factors. Including the type of crimping, the application, and even the type of driver used.

Crimped Wire Mesh
Crimped Wire Mesh

Features of crimped wire mesh

  • The features of crimped wire mesh include
  • Good strength
  • Long service life
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-erosion

Stainless steel crimped wire mesh

Stainless steel crimped wire mesh are made of high quality stainless steel material with various diameter, length and mesh opening.

It is widely used in food, beverage, wine, chemical, environmental protection, medicine and other industries. The stainless steel crimped wire mesh is easy to clean, durable to use and low cost.

Crimped wire mesh is now widely used in many industries. It is a kind of steel crimped wire mesh, which is made of stainless steel 304 or 201 by manual or machine.

Crimped wire mesh features the quality of good rigidity, high strength, good weld ability, beautiful appearance and easy process ability. Stainless steel crimped wire mesh has many applications for example, it can be used for automotive, agricultural machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, chemical machinery, paper machinery, power machinery and so on.

Features of stainless steel crimped wire mesh

  • Stable and durable corrosion resistance, good ductility.
  • Environmental protection, safe and non-toxic, will not cause harm to human health.
  • Easy installation and maintenance, just as any other metal. It can be welded, riveted, and all kinds of processing.

Crimped woven wire mesh

The crimped woven wire mesh is produced by a special weaving process. The weaving technique is similar to a basket weave.

The difference is that in basket weave the loom stays in place. With a basket weave the loom can be moved to create a larger or smaller mesh.

When you crimp a woven wire mesh on a crimping machine, it causes the metal wire to lose its spring or weave.

Rather than the metal wire interweaving, the crimped mesh has a series of small loops which is referred to as cells.

The wire mesh is available in many different sizes including: square mesh, diamond mesh, twill mesh and full panel.

The size of the cells can be changed depending on how the mesh is crimped. The wire mesh is not only used for screening, but also for reinforcing concrete and for use in metal siding.

Examples of crimped woven wire mesh are: Wire mesh, square wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, diamond wire mesh, diamond square wire mesh, diamond hexagonal wire mesh and square wire cloth.

Features of crimped woven mesh

  • Greater strength and higher flexibility than welded wire mesh.
  • Crimped woven wire mesh is a new type of fence, which is easy to install, low cost and high rigidity.
  • Tensile Strength of this wire mesh is as high as 120000 N/5 cm.


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